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Notice to all Members

Magnetosis, Dec 22, 11 10:09 AM.
Until my computer issues are resolved (should be no later than Saturday) Dylan (McDartherson) and Eric (Dragoonist) are in charge. 

Server name : Juyo

ericthomasestes, Dec 12, 11 3:43 PM.
Server name is just as it says on the headline. Juyo!


ericthomasestes, Dec 10, 11 9:49 PM.
We will find out what server we are going on by Monday 12/12/2011 so woot woot.

To the new Members

ericthomasestes, Dec 7, 11 8:44 PM.
Welcome to the guild Mack_1099, siganthony291, and wopop! I hope you all enjoy your stay in the guild! I know I will answer any questions that you may have or will have in game. This will be a fun guild, but it also depends on all the members new or old. It is a team effort, and hopefully you all don't spell team with an I. Thank you and have a great night/day

Welcome for Members and Newcomers

ericthomasestes, Dec 5, 11 1:10 PM.

Welcome everyone to the guild Brotherhood of destruction! Here is what our guild is about made by Magnetosis himself.

Brotherhood Of Destruction, a newly formed Republic guild, is now recruiting! You might be interested in joining our guild if you are looking for the following criteria:

-A friendly community with a strong, stable core membership.

-Mature, but not overly strict or pretentious.

Main endgame focus will be raiding.

-However, semi-regular PvPing will occur.

-Members are willing to help/teach other members (we all have questions at some point).

Weekly/monthly in-game contests/give-aways.

Our guild was founded by 4 real life friends who have years of MMO experience (in addition to other genres) under our belts across several games, all of whom were sick of seeing the same thing: some guilds that were REALLY good at progressing through endgame content, but had no time for those less experienced (elitists), and guilds that were REALLY helpful and nice people....but just couldn't seem to get anywhere at the endgame for whatever reason. So we decided to pool together our leadership experience from the number of guilds we've been in over the years and make a guild that will excel at both. We made the mistakes that you need to make in order to be strong leaders a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.....

Our in-game endgame focus will be PvE, specifically Operations. We do not at this time have a raid schedule established, as we feel this is a decision best left until after the game launches. Most likely it will focus more on weekends than weekdays, but who knows how it will play out once we sit the guild down to have that talk. We won't be hardcore raiders, meaning there is no required raid participation- if you don't plan to show up, don't sign up the week before (there will be repercussions should you choose to repeatedly sign up and never show up, once everyone now and then is understandable). Do not confuse us not being hardcore for us being incapable of pushing through content- we just want to stress that you can be an altaholic or PvP-centric and still have a place in our guild. Speaking of PvP, we will also being doing semi-regular PvP (calendar dates fluctuating, sometimes non-existent) at launch, possibly progressing to regularly scheduled PvP should the demand exist (or perhaps dropped entirely in favor of more PvE, whatever the guild wants). Obviously, spontaneous runs will happen, but, like their namesake implies, its hard to discuss them before hand.

Next: What we expect from our members 

Our first expectation from guild members is to be friendly and helpful- elitists, this is not the guild for you! At some point everybody has questions or needs help with something, and we expect guild members to be kind enough to lend a hand. This does not mean we don't appreciate skill- in fact, you couldn't be further from the truth. Speaking only for myself and one other officer, our skills in the fighting and FPS genres (Street Fighter and Counter-Strike 1.6 specifically) is unquestionable (don't mistake that as meaning we're good at those genres but suck at MMOs), yet we regularly play with others who are significantly less skilled than us- in the hopes of one day bringing them to our level, or greater. We can't possibly begin to understand why somebody would not want to share their knowledge of mechanics- which at one point was more than likely shared to them- with others for the benefit of all. It makes us a stronger community both socially and in skill.

We also expect our members to adhere to our code of conduct at all times, which shouldn't be too hard as its not very strict. The rules are as follows:

1) No profanity on the forums. In-game is ok most of the time, but obviously be aware of when it is not appropriate (guild meetings, being disciplined by an officer, etc.- basically anytime when you should conduct yourself in a more professional matter....these times should be fairly obvious).

2) Do not shout profanities in public channels. As was previously posted guild chat is fine but please refrain from yelling obscenities in trade chat (or whatever its SWTOR equivalent will be, don't want the guild to get a bad reputation, or members to get banned).

3) Do not refuse to help guildies. At some point someone taught you something in-game, now its your turn. If you are busy (in a dungeon, questing on the other side of the galaxy, etc.) it is understandable, but just because you don't want to help a lowbie is not a good enough reason. We all have to start somewhere.

4) Be respectful of others, both in-game and on the forums. Remember your please's and your thank you's and such. A little kindness goes a long way.

5) No racism/sexism/discriminatory comments of any kind. This should be common sense after number 4, but just in case.

6) Report any offences to the guild leadership (myself or another officer). Do NOT try and handle it yourself. If we are not online at the time of the offense we will log it and follow up on it later.

7) Show up for any events you sign up for. Being late due to family matters or missing it entirely for a legitimate reason is perfectly understandable- but it shouldn't happen every week. Continual offenders will be punished, as a log of missed events will be kept. Obviously, if you don't think you can make it that week, don't sign up or list yourself as a maybe- there is only a penalty if you list yourself as guaranteed all the time but only show up once out of every four events.

As was stated above, the rules are pretty lax so they shouldn't be an issue for 99% of players.

Other expectations: being mature is a big plus. We don't want to have to deal with drama- been there, done that. Age is a non-factor, maturity level, as far is we're concerned, is completely unrelated.

Next: How Brotherhood of Destruction is run

Our leadership makes most major decisions by council- the officers gather together (myself included), along with 1 or 2 elected representatives from the guild (all of whom have equally valued opinions) to discuss the issue and come to a conclusion. This is done to ensure as many viewpoints are heard as possibly without the meeting being complete chaos.

In terms of discipline, all officer rulings are final: for example, let's say an officer bans you from guild raids for 2 weeks- running to me and telling me how the punishment was too harsh won't go over too well, as I won't overturn the
decision and you'll look worse for whining. If you feel that the officer was out of line (let's say that the officer, while disciplining you, used a racial slur (ignoring the fact that this is already against guild rules)), you can lodge a formal complaint to me within 1 week of the occurrence and either I or another officer will follow up with an investigation. This will more than likely never be an issue, but it never hurts to be prepared.

For raids, we don't have set teams- if you're on and are qualified (proper gear and such), you can go. Too many people for 1 run? We'll just run 2 groups that night. We'll have 1 Raid Leader and 2 subs/alts to help handle overflow, among other things.

The officers have bi-weekly guild meetings where we discuss the guild in general. No major decisions are made during these meetings.

As was stated above, we expect guild members to follow all posted rules.

Next: What makes Brotherhood of Destruction special


The most important thing that makes Brotherhood of Destruction stand out from other guilds is our strong, stable core membership- being founded on 4 real life friends, our guild's base is always secure, unlike a fair portion of other guilds you see recruiting members which are just an amalgam of near-random people met through these forums that could fall apart as quickly as they were put together.

What also allows us to stand out is the Brotherhood's background in leadership experience- all of our officers have led or been in officers in various guilds across several MMOs, as well as real life experience. A large number of the guilds being formed are put together by those with ZERO experience- meaning they have no way to guarantee success before the game launches with a tried and true method, unlike Brotherhood of Destruction.








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